Mission Statement

The mission of Barn Swallow Publishing is:

To be a publisher of choice for authors looking to improve cross-generational communication, enhance respect for elders, and recognize diverse perspectives on growing up, aging, and dying.

The vision of Barn Swallow Publishing is:

  • To focus broadly on issues facing humanity as a global community.
  • To address specific issues regarding children, adults, and elders and foster collaboration and communication between these groups.
  • To be a platform for proposing societal change to benefit all age groups.
  • To respect diversity, promote creativity, enhance communication, and build collaborative cross-generational bridges.


Terryl Mackey, MD, is the founder of Barn Swallow Publishing and the author of the first book published by this entity. That book, Let’s Get Your Party Started, addresses the issues articulated in the mission statement.

Current Distribution:


Other distribution conduits are under development.


To contact the publisher: barnswallowpublishing@gmail.com